May 2015 - B-Line is now is its third year with 13+ releases under its belt. Its now time to  expand with a new website due late summer.

February 2014 - Now on pre-order the highly anticipated debut album 'Nomansland' from UK veteran Whirlwind D. This beautifully crafted package will not disappoint with incredible artwork provided by the one and only Mr Krum. Nomanland is nicely packaged in a gatefold sleeve with all the trimmings. Production and featuring artists are in abundance on this record and Whirlwind D is clearly on the form of his life, A must for 2014 ! 

January 2014 - After the huge success of the Def Defiance single, we decided to kick start the year with something a little bit special. Originally we planned (and still do) to drop a 10 track ep (bln006) on you guys and girls. What was going to be Bln007 has now moved into pole position and will take the 006 spot. All were going to say at this point is this next release is an LP by an already well established UK artist featuring many of your favourite mcs, producers and djs. More details will be released over the forthcoming weeks, but what I can tell you is this is not to be missed... 

December 2013 - The Def Defiance 7 is due to land on the 10th with shipping on the 12th/13th. Orders are flying out the door as expected.

October 2013 - After months if not years of planning, Def Defiance on vinyl looks to be finally happening. Due for a release in late November / December B-Line recordings will be releasing a limited green vinyl 7" of the previously unreleased Rhyme Children and Chemical Attack (from Hazardous) on the flip. 

July 2013 - B-Line Recordings are pleased to announce that the mighty Chrome & Illinspired have joined the label. The debut release "You Should Know" is due for release September 2013 on 7" vinyl.