• Image of Specifik - Eighty3 LP (Limited Splattered) BLN021

The debut solo album from Specifik in limited Splattered Vinyl

Eighty3 (Intro) Feat Dj Tones
Fight Clean Feat Rola
Dangerous Feat Sol Zalez & Jabbathakut
Dark Feat Whirlwind D & Miracle
Specifikally Speaking (Skit) Feat Chrome
Check The Design Feat Chrome & Dj Tones
Mathematic Facts Feat Project Cee & Dj Jabbathakut
King of What Feat Alakazam, Mic Nitro, Jibbarish, Cosm & Dj Tones
If You Don't Know Feat Dj Uncle Mic Nitro
The Ghost Of Authenticity Feat Doozer & Dj Jabbathakut
The Right Hand Scratch (Skit) 0:44
Eighty3 In My Head Feat Jibbarish
I'm Jettin' Feat Oxygen
Shimano vs Mongoose Feat Junior Disprol & Dj Krash Slaughta
Actions Speak Louder Feat Project Cee & Dj Krash Slaughta
In Rotation (Outro)

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